She Puts Her Cat In The Bathtub. The Cat’s Reaction? AMAZING!

by Barbara Diamond
Barbara is a passionate writer and animal lover who has been professionally blogging for over 10 years and counting.

It’s assumed that all cats hate water, but Mr. Boofcat is here to prove otherwise. The second his mom Christina turns on the faucet, it’s like he goes into a trance. The folded ears, the tongue sticking out, the droopy eyes, the meows… Persian cats are already extremely adorable, but there’s something about the feel of that warm water that makes Boofcat the CUTEST.

According to Cat Channel, “Common knowledge holds that cats hate water: They hate baths, hate swimming — some misinformed people even spray water as a behavior deterrent for cats. But beyond asking why cats hate water, let’s find out whether this is myth or fact. In truth, many cats enjoy water, and have for some time. Egyptian hieroglyphics depict cats hunting in marshes with their owners. Cats have been seen hooking trout and other fish out of streams with their paws. Cats have even been observed teaching other cats to fish.”

Clearly, Boofcat and Christina love their bath time ritual and there’s no fear of water here.

Want to see more feline water babies? Meet Milo, who likes to go paddle boating with his family — and Max Arthur, who spends his days lounging in the sink. Aww!!

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